Thursday, August 30, 2007

4 Sets of twins

Okay so lets just say it was my set that was not counted. I was feeding my boys who decided to get up 2 hours early for their night feeding meaning there will more then likely be another. And I realize there were 4 sets of twins at our dinner we had. So to clarify there were 20 kids to 5 families, 8 are twins . Good night for now.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Falling Behind

So yes today is Wednesday and I missed my entry for the babies turning 11 weeks. Well I think it is okay to skip an update for them this week. I wanted everyone to know that since last weeks carpooling kids everywhere entry life has settled down a bit. Justin is riding the bus to school and home. My neighbor (also has a 1st grader) swings by in the morning and picks Justin up and takes him to the bus stop. The little boy attends the neighboring school but they still ride the bus together. Jaelynn (attending afternoon kinderskills) gets picked up from another little girl in her class named Jaelyn's mother. I am giving her a little gas money to pick her up and drop her off. How sweet. Oh yah! and I pulled Sadler out of the PDO class. We are going to have little friends come over to the house for him to play with while Sawyer naps so we don't have to pay for him to play. (why didnt I think of that before well lack of ??????) So we have it nice now.
We had a nice weekend, we took the kids to a little inflatable play place and they had a blast and we had several awesome families over for dinner and that was fun. Scott told his coworker we had a little get together and there was like 20 kids there and his coworker replies "I bet half were yours". No Greg only 6 were ours and there were 3 sets of twins included. We had a wonderful time and we are so thankful they tolerate us.
Scott had minor knee surgery yesterday (wonder why I am a day behind?) and he is doing good his coworkers flipped out this morning when they arrived at work and seen he was already there. He had a few meetings he didn't want to miss. ( So he says, I know he was avoiding being home with 4 little ones, me and a mother in law) Who could blame him? Work it is.
Justin only has 2 more days he has to come home from school with red apples (the best mark he can get in a day) and he gets his healy shoes. ( I have no idea how they are spelt) He is so excited and he has worked so hard. Unlike Jaelynn who gets a pair in a few days for it just being her B-Day. I can not believe my little angel girl is turning 5. It does not seem possible.
I will try to catch an opportunity to take a picture of the babies and enter it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First taste of Chauffeur life.

The hair bow dilemma, Jaelynn is starting to have a say so in what she wears and how she does her hair. Well I finally got her to wear this hair bow with her dress. What drama!

What a beautiful little girl. She is so excited to have started school. I love that she enjoys it.

So the life of a domestic chauffeur. Take Justin to the bus stop, take Sadler to preschool, pick Sadler up and drop Jaelynn off, pick Jaelynn up, then almost home and pick Justin up at bus stop. Then we are off to after school activities. Crazy, no wonder nothing gets done. What an insane schedule but I love it. Jaelynn's first day of Kinder skills was today and she loved it. Sadler will go on Friday for the first time. I had to switch him to morning b/c I would have been paying for him to go and take a nap. Obviously I wasn't told that when I initially signed him up.

Mason and Morgan are 10 weeks today. They are growing so fast. They have found their arms and hands and tongues (as seen in the pictures). They are sleeping okay they usually get up 1-2 times and go right back to sleep. I am looking forward to them sitting up and getting mobile.
Mason and Morgan (sleeping of course)
I cant believe I got both of them sticking their tongues out. Mason (R) woke up stuck his tongue out and went right back to sleep. Mason (L) was cheezing while I was singing to him taking the pictures.
What an adorable smile. I was lucky to catch him gummin it! Morgan snoozing.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another Tuesday makes 9 weeks

Another Tuesday has came and went and my little men are 9 weeks old. They went for their 2 month check up yesterday and everything is right on track. Morgan is weighing in at 12 lb 8 oz and 22 3/4 inches. Mason is a little heavier at 13 lbs even and 23 3/4 inches long. Mason is around the 75 % on weight and height and Morgan is right at 50 % on weight and height. I figured it would take a little longer to catch up to singletons the same age. We are excited to see what the next month brings with the development of these guys.
I was afraid I would not get to make this entry on Tuesday b/c of all the activities going on. Justin started school yesterday and loves it. I am going to let him ride the bus for the first time tomorrow. I have to just let him do it. He is so excited and I figure less gas I am paying for. Jaelynn had gymnastics tonight and her first soccer practice. She loved it. Mom and I went and took the babies with us and had a great time chatting and then took Jaelynn out for dinner. It was wonderful just us girls and 2 wonderfully behaved baby boys. This weekend is going to be a fun challenge with Jaelynn meeting her new teacher and soccer and football games. The sweet life of activity. Sadler is so excited to go to school. He is in a late 2 year old class at Jaelynn's school and he just goes 2 days a week at the same time she goes. He will love the socialization with the other kids. It is a little earlier then normal for me to take a nap away but it is only 2 days a week and he will just go to bed really early those nights.
I picked up our preliminary plans for our house today. It is awesome. I am so excited to start this adventure of farm life. It is so what we need for our family. I just wish you could snap and it be done tomorrow. O well the next year will come and go.
We took a picture of the kids sunday morning. We were already running 30 minutes late so why not add to the mix with posing for a picture.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Morgan and Mason's first family trip

Well the babies are 8 weeks old today. They are technically 2 months on the 12th so they have not went for their check up until the 13th. We will have weight and height updates next week. Anyways we took the babies on their first trip with our family. To all that know us it is nothing for us to load the kids up and scamper off somewhere. Well we went to Kentucky to visit all of Scott's family and our friends. Our great friends Chris and Megan thru a wonderful BBQ party and we invited everyone. It was a blast. Scott bought the kids an inflatable water slide and Megan has a pool so kids were very entertained. Megan and Chris have 5 boys including 2 sets of twins. So my kids were in heaven on their land riding our 4 wheelers and Justin had a blast on Dylan's motorcycle. (nobody tell him there was one in his grandpa's garage waiting for him for Christmas) It turned out wonderful even though I had a 24 hour stomach virus and stayed in bed until 1 hr before the party. Thank you babe for taking care of me and having all 6 of the kids to yourself. You are the bomb! Here are pictures of Morgan and Mason today. Morgan is sleeping this time. Also some pics of the kids at the party.