Tuesday, April 1, 2008

9 Months have come and gone.

What a whirlwind the last 9 months have been. I truly can not believe my baby boys are 9 months old. They are so fun. Mason is crawling all over and pulling up on everything. Yesterday he started letting go of one item to go to the next. It is amazing I love this little guy he is such a mamma's boy. His smile brightens the day with his one little tooth. Morgan is now crawling all over he pulls up on things but likes to sit on his knees. He is our talker he is saying mama, dada, baba, bye bye, and the other day my mom said he was saying memaw. We took the babies and big kids to Portrait Innovations to get their belated Easter picture I take yearly. They did wonderful although I am very well loosing my mind. I totally scheduled the pictures on a Wed. during school b/c I thought it was Spring Break week. Well Monday morning before comes and it is like 10:00 am and Justin's school calls to see where he is. Needless to say wrong week. So he had a fever on Wed and we went ahead and got the pictures anyway. Now Spring Break is here and we are enjoying being home together and not having to be anywhere. It has been over 3 months since I updated hopefully it will not be another 3. Love y'all.

Happy Spring everyone. The boys all got a crew cut the day after these. Their hair was so long.
Thank you mom for color coordinating everyone. They look so cute. What were we thinking. I was asked that the other day by a gentleman at the stable we board at and I just smiled and said obviously we weren't.

How blessed we are to have such healthy, beautiful children. It is so hard raising these little angels and how fortunate we are to have been in trusted to keep them safe and guide them to do what is right.

What cuties. These babies are so sweet and so cute. I am so happy we have them in our family.

Mason Reid, my little sweetheart. He is so smart and keeps us saying "I can not believe he just did that" We adore this little guy.

Morgan Shad. Look at this smile. He is always such a bright happy boy. He is a little aggressive but so sweet. He is loves to give kisses and show off his 5 teeth. What a joy he gives us.