Sunday, August 30, 2009

Another day in the wonderful Wall life

We have enjoyed having land again. Our kids are so free out there. You would not believe the behavior difference when they are out there. Just so content and happy. It seems to be taking forever to renovate the house but I am trying to be patient. Scott is doing an excellent job and doing everything exactly how I want. We can not wait to be living on our farm. Here are a few pictures of the kids playing out on the land. Sorry Sawyer mommy didnt catch one with you.

Jaelynn has claimed miss Willow as her first very own horse. Willow is not broke for riding yet so Jaelynn goes everyday and plays with her and sits on her back. She says she is getting her ready for when the trainer will ride her. She loves her Willow.
My special baby girl.
I really hope Willow stays nice and quiet after her training. She is very mellow right now and is going to make a great kids horse but you never know she is still very young.

Justin (8) got his new helmet and pads. He is so excited to be playing tackle.

Mason and Sadler giving Clyde some loving.
Morgan watching Sawyer climb a very big tree. Morgan wanted up there with him.
Mason trying to climb the tree like Sawyer.
I was trying to catch a cute moment with the boys. By the time I got my camera UFC had broken out.
Morgan in deep thought.
Mason and Morgan being naughty and climbing on the gate. That is a rule on a farm. You are not allowed to climb on the gates. They are mad at mommy.
Sadler, as usual riding his 4-wheeler or dirt bike. He chose his 4 wheeler today.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Boob Tube (What)

Okay so I will catch up on pictures soon but first thing's first. Who or should I say what kind of Mother would wear a Boob Tube to their son's football practice. I mean come on. I just can not grip the concept. I mean on a date w/ hubby, boyfriend trying to look sexy that is one thing. Out with friends, socializing, looking for a hubby, boyfriend trying to look sexy okay but at your son's football practice It made me sick. If I, OMG I just wanted to ask her what the heck she was thinking. There were kids for one but husbands, fathers, grandfathers and they were not watching their son's practice that is for sure. I just dont understand. Maybe it is me, of course it is me so I will take the blame for thinking this way but I would never nor would I ever allow my daughter to. You can not even go to your son's football practice with out coming home disgusted. Sorry had to vent. Catch up soon.