Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Surviving Another Week

So yesterday (monday September 10) was Scott's birthday. My mom and I took Jaelynn to her first dance class and she loved it like we knew she would. We get home and eat and have cake and ice cream and all say why we are thankful for daddy. It was the cutest thing. Anyways Scott decides it is time to put our inflatable bounce town in the back yard away for the year. It had rained and they were all wet. So he decides to hang them up for a few days on the swing set. (Wife's idea). Well he finds mice underneath the inflatables. It was hilarious to see him showing the kids these mice. So Justin comes in and gets the fish net and wants his dad to catch one. Scott loves this! As you can see in the pictures he catches the mouse and they release it in the bean field. It was so funny.

So here is everyone trying to catch the mice with the fish net. Sadler and Sawyer wanted to touch it so bad. Scott was laughing so hard.
Here is the trash can where the mouse is residing for the moment. Trying to keep the kids hands out of the trash can was really hard.
Here is Mr. Mouse, Disgusting

My Jaelynn posing before school. She loves the camera.

Well my baby boys are 13 weeks today. I took Morgan to the Doctor he has not been eating very well for the past few days. She says he has an ear infection ( the diagnosis for every thing) we will see. They are trying so hard to roll over. They don't get to lay down very often for being trampled but also b/c of the constant spitting up they do. Morgan is much worse then Mason. They will eventually get to.

My camera was messing up. Both babies had just woken up and were hungry.

Sorry such a shotty picture. Morgan is on the L and Mason on R.

My Morgan I hope he gets better quickly. I guess he will get a little TLC for the next few days.

I could not get Mason to smile. He was a little ticked off that he wasn't getting fed.

My camera makes me so mad. I should really take a class and learn how to use it.

Justin stayed home today as you can see he wasn't feeling very well unlike his brother who was cheesing hard.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What A Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Ours was sooooo busy. It began with my dad, Jake, Megan and their dog Finnegan and Josh and Jennifer coming in. It is always so wonderful to have family come in. Well, we had a family picnic in which we invited extended family to come. It is so nice to live close enough now that they can come for a long day. After the picnic everyone came over to celebrate Jaelynn's 5th birthday with some yummy cup cakes. The kids had a blast and didn't want the party to end.
Sunday was Jaelynn's official birthday and we got to spend it with family. So Monday was spent like another Saturday. Lots of swimming and park playing and anything pertaining to being outside. We had a great weekend.
Tuesday morning comes and reality hits. Scott is up at his normal time still hobbling around from his knee surgery he had last Tuesday, Justin has ended up in our bed which wakes the babies up that are still in the bed with me, which wakes me up still sitting up waiting on the babies to finish eating to put them back in their bed. Well they never made it. So I look over and it is 7:30. I had my alarm set for 6:30 so maybe I could go to the bathroom and brush my teeth before the day got started but not now. It was close but Justin made it out the door on time. So I pass my laundry room on the way to get Sawyer out of bed, He is my late sleeper, and I notice the massive (I mean huge, massive, extraordinarily large) pile of dirty clothes in the laundry room. I guess that is what happens when you have company in and every thing is dropped. It will eventually get caught up.
So my baby boys are 12 weeks old today. They will officially be 3 months on Sept. 12 so I will get their pictures taken sometime between now and then. They are laughing out loud and trying so hard to roll over. They go to the Dr. on Sept. 15 so I will give weight and height updates then. Sawyer is 22 months today. This little guy is something else. His major thing right now is starting to talk. (Talk back that is) Favorite word is NO. Anything that has liquid in it ends up on the floor. It is such a cool game to him. I included some pictures of this weekend. LOL.

Jaelynn and her (second) cousin Scout. Jaelynn calls Scout her sister b/c she doesn't have one. The are so cute together.

My 5 year old beautiful baby girl. Where does time go?

Scout's daddy Ricky holding the cupcakes. Sadler is sure eyeing them.

Now all you need are your pink cowgirl boots and a pony. Maybe next year!

Mommy's cousin Amelia and Jaelynn. Two beautiful ladies.

Jaelynn, Sunday morning birthday breakfast in her new night gown.

My Sadler. He is my emotional one. As you can see from the picture he was hysterically crying before hysterically laughing. It is either 1 or 10 no in between.

What a handsome little guy. It is hard to believe he will be 3 in a few days.

Can you see the meanness in this kid. What a hand full.

We are so proud of this young man. He received all good marks from school the month of August. In return he chose to get a pair of heely shoes. It took him maybe (at the most) half a day to learn how to use them. He loves them. He totally wanted to wear them to school today to show his teacher. We know he will keep up the good work and who knows what he will choose this month. Keep up the hard work Justin! He always tries to look a little GQ in his pictures.