Friday, June 12, 2009

OMG They are 2

Today is Morgan and Mason's Birthday. I can remember watching the sun come up after just watching it go down. Having 2 at a time is a lot of work. Once the boys started walking I wanted them to be babies again. But now that they are 2 and becoming toddlers they are even more work. They go in opposite directions and turn to each other and laugh b/c they know I am only 1 person. On the other hand I am excited for them to get older. Only 2 more left to potty train. Almost done with high chairs. No more cribs. It is an exciting feeling when you know your family is complete. All the baby stuff can be gone. Anyways Happy Birthday Morgan and Mason. My babies for life. We love you.

Pappy Mason with L to R. Sawyer 3, Mason and Morgan 2.