Monday, December 17, 2007

Chistmas PJ pictures

I had decided to take the kids Christmas pictures at home instead of paying to blame someone else for not getting all six of them to smile at the same time. Well so I tried to make it as different as possible then what they are used to. So we did Christmas pajama pictures. I bought everyone pj's for Christmas morning so everyone picked a pair and we got started. Justin does not wear much to bed so a white T-shirt was his PJ's. Tension spans were a tad bit longer but only by a fraction. Believe it or not the oldest was the start to the melting of Wall's. Justin just was having a hard time as you can see.
This is the picture we used on the cards.
Sneak preview I just sent them out today.

What a beautiful daughter we have been blessed with. We love this little angel more then words and I can not believe how fast she is growing. I want her to stay 5 forever. She has become such a little helper and I really do not know what I would do with out her when My mom is not here. She keeps Sadler and Sawyer entertained and when the babies are crying she is right there playing pat a cake or singing Rudolf. Such a gift she is.

Well over the Indianapolis area everything was canceled on Sunday. Coming from Denver we could not believe they were canceling before we even had an inch of snow. Well the foot of snow was maybe 5 or so inches. Anyways we spent our Sunday doing family stuff of which included going sledding. Scott remembered some man made hills at a Industrial Park where we had seen people riding 4 wheelers and motorcycles before. So we headed over there to test the hills. They were to much for Sadler and Sawyer. But Justin and Jaelynn loved them and Scott to. It was a lot of fun. I got a little camera happy, Sorry!

Justin was going down before Scott and the others got half up the hill.

He looks like he is king of the mountain. Do you see our brave Sadler behind Justin going down headfirst. He was loving it and said Wah Hooo when he got to the bottom.
Jaelynn lasted a lot longer then I thought. She was freezing but stuck it out with the boys.

A little glimpse of how big the hill was.

Does he look comfy. Not to cold yet. Sawyer only lasted 20 minutes or so.
What a snow bundled cutie.
There they all go at it again.
I was dying laughing when I seen this picture. Sawyer was loving it, he was just so cold.