Monday, October 20, 2008

The Best Weekend Ever!

I can honestly say this was the best weekend our family of 8 has ever shared. Our Saturday started out with a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. What a great zoo our circle city offers. Everyone was on wonderful behavior and even the babies did great. We left the zoo about 3 or so and everyone passed out in the car like 5 minutes after we left. Scott and I decided to do our pumpkin patch adventure. So we went to a local orchard that is an amazing place. The kids all woke up grouchy. The babies were hysterical not getting a good nap but as soon as we got on the wagon ride back to the pumpkin patch everything was great. The kids loved the tractor pulling us and all the little bumps we went over. Our pumpkin patch adventure finally got over about 6. Here are some pictures of our amazing day with our truly blessed family.
My beautiful babies!
This was Justin's favorite part of the zoo. It is so cool Indy Zoo has a dolphin show.
This adorable monkey was Jaelynn's favorite. It looks so comfy.
You can see it on his face. The seal going back and forth made Sadler hysterically laugh. It was so funny.
Sadler and Sawyer loved the roller coaster. It was their first time on one.
Sawyer loved it!!
What a cutie!

Morgan loved the big pumpkins. He tried to sit on them and was laughing and trying to pick them up. It was so funny. He is alot like Sadler already. He is a very emotional little man.
One minute he is extremely happy the next NOT!
Mason loved it when we finally got to the pumpkins. He would pick on up and hold it for a while. He would attempt to walk with them. Then he would pick up another and walk around with it. Smiling the whole time he thought he was a big boy.
What an awesome family I am so blessed with.

Monday, October 13, 2008

First Set Of Stiches

So we are officailly irresponsible parents! (some would say) Well our little man Sawyer has gotten the first set of stiches for our family. We had to take him to the ER last friday night b/c his lip and everything around him was full of blood. He needed 3 stiches on the outside and 3 on the inside to sew his lip back up. Well we didnt have time to call anyone to stay with the kids and Scott didnt want to stick him in the car seat so the whole family went to the ER. It was Friday night and supposed to be movie night so Justin grabbed a movie on the way out and we dropped them off and went and got a pizza and had movie night in the truck. Awful some would say but we have a 20 inch TV in the truck so the movie time wasnt to bad. What is bad is that we were in the truck until 1:00 AM. 6 hours. My kids are such troopers. Sawyer didnt cry at all. Not for the IV, Cat Scan, Stitches nothing. Yes I guess you get a cat scan now for busting your lip open. They wouldnt let him leave until he would talk. I guess they thought he had head trauma b/c he wouldnt speak. He is a very stubborn little guy. So Scott called me at midnight and said he couldnt get him to talk in front of the nurses and so we switched and I went in and a few minutes after Mommy was in there he softly said "mommy I want to go home" so we did finally. I hope he doesnt have to go thru that again. For that matter any of us! No more Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Here are some pictures of the little guy. It is pretty gross, Sorry.

Nice food! Yuck

Justin wrote this letter to his baby brother

Jaelynn wrote this letter to her baby brother.

Another Set Of Twins

Well as all of you probably know my dad is a twin. My dad has first cousin twins, natural triplets way back and of course my Mason and Morgan. Well my younger brother Josh and his wife Jen (yes there is another Jennifer Mason now! cool huh!) welcomed their boy/girl twins on July 18. I am an awful Aunt that I am just now putting pictures of them and they are 12 weeks now. Anyhow here are my beautiful and adorable niece and nephew Anna Cosette and Rowan Evrit.