Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sawyer's Birthday Pictures

Well we didn't get to many great pictures but he sure had fun and made everyone laugh taking the ones they did get. He basically played catch the entire photo session. O well. Here are a few pictures from his 2 year old photos.

After about 10 seconds he was done so he started to destruct the photo set. Which was just a white background. Needless to say the props were not far from coming out.

This is what Sawyer looks like when I love you mommy. I am being a good, good boy.

This is Sawyer with his, you better watch out cuz I am coming to get you look.

Like I said here comes the props. Just to try to get him to sit still. Nope wasn't happening the Motorcycle got scooted away and the enormous puppy got body slammed. At least all I had there was Jaelynn so it was not to bad of an experience.

No Thanksgiving Pictures

I am such a brat. What a wonderful holiday to capture on photo or video and I don't get any. Well I will at least journal the great time we had. My dad was in for 10 days and we enjoyed him and my mom so much. My brother Josh came in for the T-day and the kids adore him. We went out of town to Kentucky to visit Scott's family and my baby brother Jake was coming in to visit us at Josh's house in Newburgh, IN. Right across the Ohio river from KY. The kids love Jake and he brought his dog Finnegan so they could play with him. It was hilarious, Sadler loves dogs and he was entertained for over an hour. Megan had to stay in Lexington b/c she was on call. We missed you Megan. We got to visit Scott's brother Chris and his wife and baby boy Aiden. What a cutie! We enjoyed our visit with our favorite friends the King family. We feel so at home at their place. They have 5 boys (2 sets of twins) and the kids love playing over there. Thank you Megan for giving up your house for us to play. All in All it was a great holiday and we look forward to seeing everyone at Christmas. Here are a few pictures from a week or so ago.

The babies fell asleep on memaw's lap while watching the older kids doing a dance routine to the Jonas Brothers CD.

(L) Morgan and (R) Mason posing in their cute outfits.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Life is so busy

I wanted to say how proud we are of my brother Jake. He got sworn in yesterday as a Lawyer. Go Jake. He is my baby brother and he lives with his wife Megan and puppy Finnegan in Lexington, KY. She is a neurologist resident and working very hard. We love them both and are anxious to see them (and Finnegan) over the holidays.
On that note my other brother Josh just recently got engaged to Jenn (2) that is what she goes by. It is really neat we will have another Jennifer Mason in the family. The name dwindled for 10 years and now it will be back. They just returned from vacation to New York City visiting Mom and Dad. She had a blast and I think Josh had fun too!
Well while I am on here I will post a few pictures.
Pappy Mason visiting over the Columbus Day holiday. They let them off work for anything in NYC. Well thank you cuz we loved having him.

Pappy's girl.

It's the two pumkins. Pappy and Sadler call each other the pumkin. It is so cute. Sadler adores his grandpa and I know the feeling is mutual. Right dad?

Scott cut up one of his camo shirts for Justin to be a hunter for Halloween. We had serious issues with him this year cuz I refused to purchase any costumes b/c my mom got so many this summer at garage sales. I felt awful but come on when you have 2 or 3 each to choose from. Well being the stubborn Wall that he is he chose none and daddy made him one.

PUMPKIN CARVING FUN!!!!! Scott always looks forward to this time each year. (Not) It seems each year we are adding another kid for him to continuously tell to get back. That is all I heard for like an hour. He is so meticulous about everything he does that time just seems to stand still for the little ones. Anyways we only got one pumpkin done instead of 5. That is okay it turned out to be fun and the pumpkin looked awesome. Thank you babe!


As you can see our costumes are not very impressive this year. No one wanted to wear anything we had. We had the cutest pirate costume for Sawyer and he would wear nothing. We barely got clothes on him to go trick or treating. He was a motocross rider. He was wearing a helmet but not for long. Sadler was Jeff Gordon (nascar driver) Jaelynn was a colts cheerleader and Justin decided to wear a power ranger outfit but wouldn't wear the mask. Owell. The babies were babies.
Justin's coaches were so surprised how well he did in the post season. He was in flag football this year but two of the coaches did an extended league with pads and tackle. Justin came out of his shell. He definitely loves the contact. Chasing flags is no fun was his comment I wanna hit someone. Well at least it is a sport. Anyways we were very proud of him for trying as hard as he did. We love him very much he is such a wonderful young man.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Sawyer's birthday was Sunday Nov. 4th. I can not believe he is 2 already. He has grown up so much since his brothers were born. He is talking fairly well and sleeping in a big boy bed. He really wants to be potty trained like Sadler is doing but mommy is not interested in taking that challenge on yet. He loves riding Justin and Jaelynn's 4 - wheelers. We adore him so much and he gives us much hapiness and joy. He has a very sombering personality. Not many hugs and kisses but watch out for the rath of Sawyer when he gets angry. He is really into books and playing play doh. He got a scooter for his birthday cuz we were tired of him fighting with Sadler over his that he got for his birthday. It is crazy he just turned 2 and rides like a pro. Here are some pictures from his birthday.