Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Our family all wore our colts attire in support of our Colts playing on Sunday. We decided to take a few shots of the kids outside playing. Well our colts barely won but it still counts.
Justin playing catch with Scott.
What a cutie
Sadler sporting his Motor Hawk. That is what he calls a Mohawk.
Jaelynn playing football with the boys.
Sawyer Randall
Morgan Shad
Mason Reid
Jaelynn Riley with her baby brothers.
Sawyer and Jaelynn
My six angel babies
Scott playing in the leaves with his babies.
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and great kids.
Jaelynn with her daddy.
Twins with their daddy
Wall family enjoying the awesome November weather and playing in the leaves. Go Colts.



What an amazing kid this little man is. His eyes truly brighten my day. He dazzles when he smiles and has the truest heart. Sawyer is content most of the time and can entertain himself, unlike some of his siblings he enjoys alone time. Dont underestimate him though he still has the Wall-Mason temper. It comes when you least expect it with this little guy. We love you Sawyer and are enjoying watching your little life everyday. Happy 4th Birthday November 4, 2005.When asked what he wanted to do for his birthday he said he wanted to go to the zoo. So off to the Evansville zoo. It was a perfect Saturday in November with temps up to 70. Scott had to work so Memaw and Pappy Mason went along with us. It was a great day and Sawyer had a wonderful time.
Sawyer wanted cupcakes for his birthday, blew out his candle and asked for ice cream. He is not to thrilled about cake and cupcakes. Ice cream it was.
For 2 months Sawyer came into our room after being tucked in for the night and told us he wanted the side to side dump truck for his birthday. He seen Rocky the singing and dancing dump truck on a commercial back in September and every since has been asking every night for it. Here you go buddy have fun.
Happy birthday Sawyer. Jaelynn, Sawyer and Sadler.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Patch


Mom and I decided to take the kids to the only Pumpkin Patch we know of and it is like 1 1/2 hours away. The kids are on fall break and it is of course raining. It was fun. We were the only ones there and we walked through mud and water to the field of pumpkins. The kids all picked their pumpkin and the nice lady wiped and cleaned their pumpkins off for them. Of course they picked pumpkins that were to big for them to carry so mom and I were trying to juggle a baby and pumpkins wading through mud and water. Fun Times. Justin was a huge help. Scott wanted to come with us but his father is having double bypass heart surgery so everyone pray for him. Here are a few pics from our adventure.

Everyone sporting their Nike winter coats.

The only women that loves my kids as much as I do.

My Mason Reid

Big Boys Sawyer, Sadler and Justin

Jaelynn Riley

Sawyer Randall

My Morgan Shad
The babies are getting so independent. They do not want to be in a stroller anymore. So we are learning how to keep track of both of them while they wander.

Justin Scott

Jaelynn Riley and Sadler Dean

Another picture with the pumpkins

Warm again

Some one always ends up crying

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sadler turns 5

Scott's Uncle Terry
Terry's wife Diane (thanks again for all the help)
Wow it is hard to imagine it was that long ago that we had Sadler in Colorado. It is a great symbol of the love we had for Denver. Sadler is a constant reminder of the wonderful time we spent there. Sadler really wanted to go to the motocross park and ride his dirt bike with all his buddies but it was non stop raining for like 5 days and practice was canceled so we went to Scott's dads and had some people there. He had a blast playing nerf guns and swimming in the make shift lake in Kenny's back yard. All the rain had flooded the ditches and made a huge water hole and of course all of them found it. I think it turned out pretty good to be thrown together so quickly. We love this little man so much and I truly hope he keeps his contagious personality and emotional side. We love you baby.


Okay so I never would of thought I would have a cheerleader daughter. Who knows maybe this is just a phase with her age and all her little friends. Hopefully a phase. I guess it wont be to bad just as long as it doesnt come in the way of Softball and basketball and her riding. Anyways here are a few pics of her cheering for Justin playing for the Broncos.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Family Labor Day Weekend

My battery went dead on my camera so I am waiting on my cousin to email me all the pictures from Jaelynn's party. Will post ASAP.
Morgan Shad swinging like a big boy.

Swinging my brother's twins Anna and Rowan.
Clyde wanting in on the attention. The babies love the dogs and horses.
Josh, Anna, Rowan and Memaw petting Willow.
We had family come in Friday and Saturday for Jaelynn's party. It was a blast.
Family staying the night is always fun. All the 2nd cousins played and partied together.
Pump it Up is a great party place. Sorry to anyone who got sick. Apparently we passed something on to several people. Sorry. Thanks to everyone who came. See you soon.
Chris and baby Corbin
Corbin Christopher (almost 1)
My Cousin Amelia (Corbin's mommy) with Kaden
My Mason with my Aunt Julie (my mom's sister Kaden and Kinsey's grandma)
Jaelynn, Cousin Andy's girls Madelyn and Kaelyn
Jaelynn with Madelyn
Aunt Julie with Madelyn
Morgan, Mason and Kaden
Amelia and Sadler