Friday, October 26, 2007

New pictures

Okay so the four younger boys are all resting at the same time. Wow that will probably never happen again. Anyways so my mom and Scott and anyone close to me has blamed my lack of journal entries due to my searching for a horse. Well they are probably right b/c we decided on one on Monday and since then this is my second entry. Go figure. Okay back to kids. I got Jaelynn's 5 yr. old pictures, Sadler's 3 yr old pictures and the babies 3 month old pictures done over a month ago and not many people have seen them in fact I am just now cutting them up. So here it goes.
My Jaelynn
This little lady is well just that a little lady. She is such a wonderful daughter. She is a wonderful big sister and she keeps Justin in line also. She is very thoughtful and cares deeply what others are feeling. She is strong willed but gets very upset if she thinks she has hurt your feelings. She is in pre-Kindergarten but she does Justin's 1st grade homework with him. She is trying to figure out how he is reading and when she does something it is usually by memory. She is brilliant by my opinion. She loves school and of course is thriving. She is in dance and is great at that. She is very graceful which she did not get from me. Memaw Mason's gift to her I guess. Her new thing is riding horses. I got them into horse lessons over a month ago and her and Justin are loving it. My bestest, bestest friend loaned us her bomb proof horse that she has owned since his birth and the kids are loving it. Jaelynn still rides a 39 year old mare named sissy. She has the swayest back I have ever seen on a horse. It is adorable to see her riding Sissy. Jaelynn had a wonderful birthday. Just a family party where her cousins got to come over. I love this angel so much and am so excited to see what her 5th year of life has to bring.

I could not figure out how to rotate this picture but it was to cute not to put on.

Mr. Sadler (the pumpkin)

This little guy is such a joy. He still has the most awesome personality of any person I have ever met. He can keep anyone hysterically laughing and the next second be hysterically crying. So emotional this little man. He enjoyed his 3rd birthday party. It was a family occasion and his cake was Diego. He doesnt like much TV but that is one of his shows he will actually watch. He just enjoyed the last two weekends in KY where we visited Scott's family. Sadler has decided that Jaelynn's 50cc 4 wheeler is now his. He is riding like he was born on it. It is so cute. Scott of course turned the throttle down and you have to basically push him to get it going but he loves it. He thinks he is so big. I am enjoying him so much now that he can talk and tell me what he wants instead of crying all the time. There is alot of crying still but not near as much. He likes the horses also although he doesnt get to go to the barn as often he enjoys it when he gets to ride. I was afraid that a few of the kids would not share the same interest in horses that I do but so far they all do. We are lucky in that aspect they like what I like and what Scott does. Jeeping, 4 wheelers, baseball ectt..... Anyways I can not believe he has turned 3 and here is a few pictures of him.

My baby boys
I can not say enough about these little guys. I am sure trying to enjoy them. They are so good and I hope they always stay so sweet. These pictures are of them at 3 months and they are now 4 1/2 so they have grown alot. Mason is such a little sweetie and such a good baby. He has the cutest personality and the prettiest smile ever. He is rolling over and sitting in his saucer seat. My Morgan is a little more demanding. He has reflux pretty bad and stays a little uncomfortable. Despite this he is still a happy baby and smiles all the time. He is rolling over and loves sitting in his saucer also. I will try to put thier 6 month pictures and stats on when they are done. Here are thier pictures. They were not very thrilled to have these taken.

Morgan is on the left and Mason on the right.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Time really does fly!

I can not believe it has been 6 weeks since I updated this. Well there will not be any pictures added due to my computer falling apart so Scott wiped it out and they are all on some memory stick or something that I dont care to learn how to operate. So our lives have obviously been crazy busy. We have been out of town the last 2 weekends visiting family in KY. Thank you Kenny for letting us take over your house!! The kids have been nasty sick with everything from Sinus infection, ear infection, croup (no idea how to spell) fever, Cough. It has been a sick October. Everyone is doing much better thank goodness.
We are supposed to be breaking ground on our house soon. This county we are in is ridiculous with its permits and such. Anyways hopefully sooner then later. The kids have been enjoying riding our loaner horse from Anna. Thank you so much!!! They are doing really well. I am proud. We have been looking at a 6 year old mare that I think we might get. She reminds me of my first horse Joker. We shall see. Scott says it will take the place of all my gifts that I would recieve from now until 1 year. That is fine with me.
Justin is playing an extended football season with pads. He likes the knocking and hitting. He says mommy it is alot more fun when you get to tackle.
Sadler turned 3 and Sawyer will be 2 on the 4th. They are my stinkers. God love um!
Well hopefully I can update some pictures on here before long.
Have a wonderful Halloween!