Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Is there a recall on these junky bouncy seats

So my mom and Aunt Mary Ann buy me these great bouncy seats for my shower. They were fairly expensive and they are name brand. (Fisher Price Rainforest Jungle bouncer) Well the babies are 7 weeks old today and they continue to not work correctly. I dont think it was the installation of parts person (me) because Scott took them both apart and put back together and still Junk. The vibration on one of them rackets like a drill getting lug nuts off a wheel. Then both of them on the mobile part the frog that goes up and down gets stuck and rackets awful. I asked the customer service at babies R us and there is no recall on them yet but keep your eyes open for me. Anyways here are the babies enjoying their junky bouncy seats. I guess the racket will get them used to being out in their dad's shop eventually

Monday, July 30, 2007

Family Fishing Fun

Well if any of you know us very well you know that our kids are very outdoorsy. I see a farm in our near future. If my kids had a warning label it would read: Do not keep indoors or will self destruct. Perfectly said, so my mom leaves Wed. night and I am being left with my 6 wonderful children for the first time all day by my self. No problem right? Right? It was raining Thursday! Great for the farmers, insanity for me. The kids were actually very good. I on the other hand, total chaos. I forgot Jaelynn's reading class it had been switched to 8:30 am. Her teacher was driving all around our neighborhood trying to find our house and calling me on my dead cell phone. (sorry Jennifer). Luckily a great new friend called and invited Justin and Jaelynn over to play for a few hours. They had a blast. (Thanks Melissa) I ran a few errands with the younger 4 and before you know it Scott was home and our weekend would begin. He is off on Friday but it was nasty out again so we played cleanup in the house and that game doesnt last very long. We poked along into Sat. which was much more entertaining. The highlight of the day was fishing at the local neighborhood pond. I figured it wouldnt last to long, but when the kids are waiting in line to take a fish off and get rebaited, who would want to leave? Our fishing trip ended abruptly when Justin hooks his finger. Poor kid. He was very brave and tough. Saturday turned into Sunday in which Sawyer continued a low grade fever so we hung out at home most of the day. What an entertaining weekend luckily I picked my mom back up this morning. We are so looking forward to next weekend when we go down south to KY to visit all of our Wall family and friends.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another week gone by

L - Mason R- Morgan

Well another week has came and went and my little guys are 6 weeks today. It is amazing how fast life goes by when you are trying to take it slow. My cousin asked me yesterday how life with 6 kids is going and I replied by it is just 2 more to feed, bathe, clean up after, nourish and get dressed and in the car to run somewhere we are needing to be 15 minutes ago. It has really been the most uneventful transition yet. These babies are so good and I am trying to enjoy each moment with them. Most of the time it is the 2 feeding they take at night that I really get to look at them and count how big of a blessing they are. I weighed them today and Mason is 10 lbs 8 oz and Morgan is 10 lbs 4 oz. They have gained almost another 2 lbs since their 4 week check up.
We had a wonderful few days this past weekend. Friday Scott was off and he took Justin, Jaelynn and Sadler fishing in the neighborhood pond. He couldnt get the fish off the hook fast enough. They were waiting in line to get worms back on their hook. Sadler was so excited he caught like 10 fish. It was his first time since he was a baby so he really enjoyed it.
Saturday was a beautiful day and we spent most of the day outside. We had a church picnic during the afternoon that was wonderful. Saturday night turned into Sunday morning as Scott was waiting for the men to deliver his jeep. We traded our camper for a jeep and they were here until midnight. It is a nice jeep and I think we made a good decision on the trade. It seems that a jeep is easier to sale then a camper.
Sunday was great as I went back to church for the first time since bedrest like 10 weeks ago. Maybe even longer. We tried to be there by 9 and it was a little after 10 when we got there. It was great just being back. We had an awesome family over for dinner Sunday night. We hope we didnt scare them off and they will continue to hang out with us. I know this is forever long but alot happens in a week. Justin starts football this week and Jaelynn starts her first season of soccer soon so we are going to be very busy soon.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Morgan and Mason 5 weeks today.

I can not believe my baby boys are 5 weeks old already. Then again I can't believe my oldest is 6 either. These babies were sent straight from heaven. They are so good. They have such little personalities already it is amazing to watch them grow. I am trying hard to enjoy them knowing they are my last and hopefully once life slows down a little I will be able to. I had the babies laying on the floor and was taking pictues of them and Justin really wanted to lay down and take one with them. So we made it into a group photo. What you didnt see was Sawyer pulling on Mason's ears and giving him sniffing kisses. He likes to smell the babies when he is kissing them. So long for now.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Getting the blogging diary started

What a summer 2007 has been for our family. We welcomed our 2 little boys Mason and Morgan on June 12. Justin, Jaelynn, Sadler and Sawyer have had a blast at our community pool so far. My mom takes them just about every day. They have been mistaken for blue eyed Indians with the dark tans they have. We have had a lot of family come in to visit and see the newest and last additions. Scott's dad and grandmother, his mother and sister, my mom and dad, my brothers and their other halves and we have more family coming the end of July. I cant believe school starts here on Aug. 13. I am dreading that day. It will definitely be a reality check when there is an alarm set and a designated time to be somewhere. Thank goodness my mom will be here that week so I can somewhat start a routine.

Kenny Wall visiting from Owensboro, KY Scott's grandmother Barbara came up to see all the kids also.

My brother Josh and girlfriend (Jenn 2) took the kids to the zoo with Memaw, Pappy and daddy.
Kathy and Gary Mason visiting over July 4th weekend
Jenn's mom and dad. He is a twin also.

Mason and Morgan July 12 4 weeks old.