Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Holidays

Well here is a picture from Christmas Day of the whole family. I can not believe I am actually in it but here it is. I have so many pictures from the last few days I need to figure out how to do a slide show. So until then everyone have a happy new year!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


What a beautiful day our Thanksgiving was in Southern Indiana. We went home to our house in Newburgh for the long weekend. We spent Thanksgiving Day at Scott's family's. It was so pretty outside we got some amazing pictures at Scott's mom's house we are going to use for our Christmas cards. The kids got to ride their dirt bikes and 4 wheelers at Scott's dad's house and his grandmother made a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast. We had my family Thanksgiving on Friday at our house in Newburgh. My brother and his wife and twin babies and Jake and his wife came. It was an absolute great day until Scott got called in to work for that night and the next. We didnt miss him much we partied and played games. Fun Times. Missed you babe. Here are some pictures of the kids from our weekend. Happy Holidays!
Cute little guys I can not believe they are almost 18 months.
Morgan Shad, he is such a awesome little guy. He takes after Sadler alot. Very Emotional.
Mason Reid, curls, curls and more curls. Never expected curls. What a dream child. Mason takes after Sawyer alot. Very good but very evil!
What cute little guys we are going to use some of these pictures for the babies 18 month pictures. They had so much fun just playing in the leaves.
I think we are using this for our Christmas cards. Everyone actually was enjoying their picture taking which is very unusual. Someone is always upset.
Or someone is being a goofball. Justin could not keep his tongue in his mouth. Almost every picture it was out.
Sadler Dean, him and Morgan just happened to be together wrestling so I snapped just in time to make it look like he was giving his little brother some lovin. NOT. Are all brothers joint at the hip but yet are not happy unless they are wrestling? I wonder if mine are the only ones?
Sawyer Randall, blue eyed beauty. His eyes just shine. Thanks Kenny for the eyes. He fits right in with the crowd. I can not believe I did not have 1 boy that was not different. I guess I have not given them much time to be different but basically so far they are all falling in the footsteps of their older brother.
Jaelynn Riley, of course we are posing in this picture. She was the first one to say get the camera Mommy I want a picture of me in the tree. What an angel she is but we have started the sassy talk backing. Oh my goodness I could do with out the drama and sassyness of girls. But I would never trade her for a second.
Oh and I was wondering if all boys were that way. I guess they dont have a choice when their dad starts it. Scott is such a great father. We are really trying hard to figure Jaelynn out but other than that it is all good. Sorry Justin I didnt get any good pictures of him by himself but we still love him just as much. He is our rock and he is such a good little guy. I actually was upstairs the other day and his door was locked and I asked him to open it and to my surprise there was a little neighbor girl in there with him and he was changing right in front of her. School clothes to play clothes and didnt think a thing about it. Boys will be Boys. He now knows that is not appropriate.

Happy Birthday Dad

I am so blessed to have such wonderful parents. I just wanted to take a quick entry and thank my parents so much for everything they have ever done for me and my family. I am very loved and I hope I do 1/2 as good as they did in raising our kids. My dad just turned 58 and we got to be with him on his birthday and it means alot to me that he is a better grandfather then he even was a dad. My kids adore him as do I. Love you mom and dad hope to see you soon.

Sawyer turns 3

Yes this entry is a little late. Sawyer turned 3 on Nov. 4. He is such an amazing little man. He brightens our house with his amazing blue eyes and gorgeous smile. He looks alot like his papaw Wall. He had a good birthday. We have small family birthdays for now. Everyone is still content with out the big birthday bashes. He is doing great with the potty training. He goes to a pre-pre-school class 2x a week and he loves it. He is not the most out spoken kid but when he has something to say he takes his time and is very articulated. Here are some pictures of his birthday and some we are using as his 3 year pictures.

Sawyer was learning how to hold up 3 fingers.

He is really into monster trucks and Iron Man. (He was Iron Man for Halloween)

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Best Weekend Ever!

I can honestly say this was the best weekend our family of 8 has ever shared. Our Saturday started out with a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo. What a great zoo our circle city offers. Everyone was on wonderful behavior and even the babies did great. We left the zoo about 3 or so and everyone passed out in the car like 5 minutes after we left. Scott and I decided to do our pumpkin patch adventure. So we went to a local orchard that is an amazing place. The kids all woke up grouchy. The babies were hysterical not getting a good nap but as soon as we got on the wagon ride back to the pumpkin patch everything was great. The kids loved the tractor pulling us and all the little bumps we went over. Our pumpkin patch adventure finally got over about 6. Here are some pictures of our amazing day with our truly blessed family.
My beautiful babies!
This was Justin's favorite part of the zoo. It is so cool Indy Zoo has a dolphin show.
This adorable monkey was Jaelynn's favorite. It looks so comfy.
You can see it on his face. The seal going back and forth made Sadler hysterically laugh. It was so funny.
Sadler and Sawyer loved the roller coaster. It was their first time on one.
Sawyer loved it!!
What a cutie!

Morgan loved the big pumpkins. He tried to sit on them and was laughing and trying to pick them up. It was so funny. He is alot like Sadler already. He is a very emotional little man.
One minute he is extremely happy the next NOT!
Mason loved it when we finally got to the pumpkins. He would pick on up and hold it for a while. He would attempt to walk with them. Then he would pick up another and walk around with it. Smiling the whole time he thought he was a big boy.
What an awesome family I am so blessed with.

Monday, October 13, 2008

First Set Of Stiches

So we are officailly irresponsible parents! (some would say) Well our little man Sawyer has gotten the first set of stiches for our family. We had to take him to the ER last friday night b/c his lip and everything around him was full of blood. He needed 3 stiches on the outside and 3 on the inside to sew his lip back up. Well we didnt have time to call anyone to stay with the kids and Scott didnt want to stick him in the car seat so the whole family went to the ER. It was Friday night and supposed to be movie night so Justin grabbed a movie on the way out and we dropped them off and went and got a pizza and had movie night in the truck. Awful some would say but we have a 20 inch TV in the truck so the movie time wasnt to bad. What is bad is that we were in the truck until 1:00 AM. 6 hours. My kids are such troopers. Sawyer didnt cry at all. Not for the IV, Cat Scan, Stitches nothing. Yes I guess you get a cat scan now for busting your lip open. They wouldnt let him leave until he would talk. I guess they thought he had head trauma b/c he wouldnt speak. He is a very stubborn little guy. So Scott called me at midnight and said he couldnt get him to talk in front of the nurses and so we switched and I went in and a few minutes after Mommy was in there he softly said "mommy I want to go home" so we did finally. I hope he doesnt have to go thru that again. For that matter any of us! No more Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. Here are some pictures of the little guy. It is pretty gross, Sorry.

Nice food! Yuck

Justin wrote this letter to his baby brother

Jaelynn wrote this letter to her baby brother.

Another Set Of Twins

Well as all of you probably know my dad is a twin. My dad has first cousin twins, natural triplets way back and of course my Mason and Morgan. Well my younger brother Josh and his wife Jen (yes there is another Jennifer Mason now! cool huh!) welcomed their boy/girl twins on July 18. I am an awful Aunt that I am just now putting pictures of them and they are 12 weeks now. Anyhow here are my beautiful and adorable niece and nephew Anna Cosette and Rowan Evrit.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thought I had a minute

Sadler wanted to go to the creek for his birthday. He just turned 4.
Mason Reid (he has curls)
Morgan Shad my burger butt.
Well I thought I would have just a second to sit down and update my blog but OH NO! A baby has started stirring around upstairs and now is sitting in his crib singing and waiting for me to come get him. Always happens right when you want them to take a 3 hour nap and after 1 hour they are up. Anyways everyone is great here. We moved into another home we are leasing while we are getting ready to start building ours. We found out 2 weeks ago the home Scott's company had originally leased for us to move up here was being foreclosed on and we had 2 weeks to get out. Crazy but luckily we found one in Pittsboro where our farm is and the kids will go to the school they would eventually be in anyways. It all worked out just a lot of work and now a lot of unorganized stuff just laying everywhere. It is all good! Sorry so short will try to catch up more later. Love and miss everyone. Here are just a few pictures.

Monday, June 23, 2008

We are finally ONE

Well my baby boys turned 1 year old on June 12. They had so much fun. They were not to crazy about their cake. The other kids were more excited for them. They woke up and each put a present in a bag and basically carried it around with them all day waiting for the babies to be able to open them.
Summer is or is not here yet? Weather wise I don't know but activity wise definitely yes. Who says a 7 and 5 year old are to practice and have games and be gone 4 and 5 evenings a week. It is exhausting. Scott has been working 7 days a week for 12 - 14 hours a day finishing this job up so it has been crazy. Thank goodness for grandma. She has been helping alot. (Thanks MOM)
So here are some pictures to keep ya current on the Wall Gang. Also some of my girls that have to live at the barn.

Morgan Shad

Mason Reid

What cuties

Scott got to enjoy just Sadler and Sawyer for a little golf one afternoon while babies were napping and Justin and Jaelynn went to the pool with a friend. It is so nice when you get alone time.

Sadler is upset b/c he can not find the ball he hit. He is our little drama boy. What a personality he traits. It turned out okay Daddy found it for him.
Mr. Sawyer riding his bike. He is fearless on it and scares me to death.
What a wonderful father my kids have. Being a parent is so hard but it is the moments you get to enjoy that make it all worth it. For Father's Day each kid got to pick something special they wanted to do with just Daddy. Scott surprised Justin with taking him fishing early in the morning before everyone woke up with Donuts and chocolate milk. He was in heaven. He had so much fun. Well when they got home and everyone else heard what he got to do they wanted to do the same thing. Sadler was the only one different he wanted to go ride his 4-wheeler at the land. So Jaelynn went and then Sawyer got to fish. They are still talking about it. Scott loved the one on one time with them. Happy Father's Day.
This is Ms. Sequin. She is a blue roan quarter horse yearling. She has one blue eye and is such a sweet filly. I hope to have her for a long time.
This is Fancy. Her name says it all. She is such a doll. She is a bay roan quarter horse. She is 2 years old and I hope she will be the kids horse someday.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

9 Months have come and gone.

What a whirlwind the last 9 months have been. I truly can not believe my baby boys are 9 months old. They are so fun. Mason is crawling all over and pulling up on everything. Yesterday he started letting go of one item to go to the next. It is amazing I love this little guy he is such a mamma's boy. His smile brightens the day with his one little tooth. Morgan is now crawling all over he pulls up on things but likes to sit on his knees. He is our talker he is saying mama, dada, baba, bye bye, and the other day my mom said he was saying memaw. We took the babies and big kids to Portrait Innovations to get their belated Easter picture I take yearly. They did wonderful although I am very well loosing my mind. I totally scheduled the pictures on a Wed. during school b/c I thought it was Spring Break week. Well Monday morning before comes and it is like 10:00 am and Justin's school calls to see where he is. Needless to say wrong week. So he had a fever on Wed and we went ahead and got the pictures anyway. Now Spring Break is here and we are enjoying being home together and not having to be anywhere. It has been over 3 months since I updated hopefully it will not be another 3. Love y'all.

Happy Spring everyone. The boys all got a crew cut the day after these. Their hair was so long.
Thank you mom for color coordinating everyone. They look so cute. What were we thinking. I was asked that the other day by a gentleman at the stable we board at and I just smiled and said obviously we weren't.

How blessed we are to have such healthy, beautiful children. It is so hard raising these little angels and how fortunate we are to have been in trusted to keep them safe and guide them to do what is right.

What cuties. These babies are so sweet and so cute. I am so happy we have them in our family.

Mason Reid, my little sweetheart. He is so smart and keeps us saying "I can not believe he just did that" We adore this little guy.

Morgan Shad. Look at this smile. He is always such a bright happy boy. He is a little aggressive but so sweet. He is loves to give kisses and show off his 5 teeth. What a joy he gives us.