Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Be Prepared

The kids were freezing with out the power so they were huddled up
under Daddy's Down comforter.
Sawyer (3) playing in the back yard. He didnt last to long.
I had to hurry to catch this picture. Mason loves his daddy's shoes.
It doesnt have to be his boots just anything that is Scott's. He doesnt even
touch mine or the older kids just Daddy's.
Sadler (4) went everywhere this week with Justin and Jaelynn
he is getting so big he hangs out with the older 2 now
Jaelynn (6) showing off her icicle she got.
Justin (8) and Sadler eating their icicles.
We went out and actually found some snow jackets and pants left. We got them on
clearance so they were alot warmer after this day.
Poor Jaelynn had a sledding accident on Saturday. She came so fast down this huge hill face first in to the railing of a gazebo. She split 2 rails. Pushed her 2 front teeth back into her gums. It did alot of gum damage but no nerve so she just looked sad and was really sore. Her lips were huge. We took her to the Dentist yesterday and everything is ok. Poor baby I felt so awful I couldnt get to her quick enough. Love you sissy I am so sorry.
My little man is becoming a young man. I can not believe he is 8. We had his
party at Pump It UP and invited a few family and friends. Scott took him to Laser Tag and he
loved it. It was a great day for him.
Justin is such a good example for his friends and siblings. He enjoys so much of life.
He loves riding his dirt bike and 4 wheelers. He is so excited to move out to our property.
He loves anything to do with outside. He enjoys basketball, baseball, loves wrestling and
likes riding horses. (doesnt really have a choice on that one)
We love this young man and are enjoying watching who he is becoming.
Jaelynn Riley holding her cousin Anna.
Grandpa Mason holding his first namesake Rowan Evrit.
No one could believe the babies were only 19 months. Scott only had to help them go
up this huge inflatable slide and it was on. They screamed when we had to leave.
It was pretty neat there were 5 sets of twins at Justin's party not including my dad.
But his twin wasnt there so we didnt count him.
Grandma Mason with Mason. What a grandma!
Sadler had crazy hair day one day in January so he wanted
me to take a picture and put it on here. What a cutie!
Yes he went to school with his face dirty and dried snot.
Didnt even notice it until I seen the picture. Awful Mom!