Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Family Labor Day Weekend

My battery went dead on my camera so I am waiting on my cousin to email me all the pictures from Jaelynn's party. Will post ASAP.
Morgan Shad swinging like a big boy.

Swinging my brother's twins Anna and Rowan.
Clyde wanting in on the attention. The babies love the dogs and horses.
Josh, Anna, Rowan and Memaw petting Willow.
We had family come in Friday and Saturday for Jaelynn's party. It was a blast.
Family staying the night is always fun. All the 2nd cousins played and partied together.
Pump it Up is a great party place. Sorry to anyone who got sick. Apparently we passed something on to several people. Sorry. Thanks to everyone who came. See you soon.
Chris and baby Corbin
Corbin Christopher (almost 1)
My Cousin Amelia (Corbin's mommy) with Kaden
My Mason with my Aunt Julie (my mom's sister Kaden and Kinsey's grandma)
Jaelynn, Cousin Andy's girls Madelyn and Kaelyn
Jaelynn with Madelyn
Aunt Julie with Madelyn
Morgan, Mason and Kaden
Amelia and Sadler

Jaelynn is 7

September 2, 2009
Happy Birthday Jaelynn Riley
Everyone woke up early and wished Jaelynn a happy 7th birthday. She was not expecting anything b/c she knew her party was on Saturday. She came down the stairs and seen her pretty flowers her daddy got her and some presents to open before school. She was so excited. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. She lightens our lives with her smile and sometimes makes us want to pull our hair out. We love her so much and hope she has a wonderful birthday and weekend celebration.

Waiting to leave for school.

She wanted to wear a dress for her celebration at school. Pappy and Memaw took her out to eat during lunch and brought back a cookie cake for her class.
The flowers her daddy suprised her with.
Her I-Pod shuffle she got.
She got some polly pockets and a few other small gifts to hold her over until Sat.