Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thought I had a minute

Sadler wanted to go to the creek for his birthday. He just turned 4.
Mason Reid (he has curls)
Morgan Shad my burger butt.
Well I thought I would have just a second to sit down and update my blog but OH NO! A baby has started stirring around upstairs and now is sitting in his crib singing and waiting for me to come get him. Always happens right when you want them to take a 3 hour nap and after 1 hour they are up. Anyways everyone is great here. We moved into another home we are leasing while we are getting ready to start building ours. We found out 2 weeks ago the home Scott's company had originally leased for us to move up here was being foreclosed on and we had 2 weeks to get out. Crazy but luckily we found one in Pittsboro where our farm is and the kids will go to the school they would eventually be in anyways. It all worked out just a lot of work and now a lot of unorganized stuff just laying everywhere. It is all good! Sorry so short will try to catch up more later. Love and miss everyone. Here are just a few pictures.