Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I dont know if it is normal or not to feel like we are always playing catch up. It is now the middle of February and I haven't even posted any Christmas, Justin's 9th B-day, snow days. It just keeps piling up. Everyone says when they all get in school there will be plenty of time to get caught up, I dont know if I agree w/ that. Once they all get in school they will all be old enough to participate in school activities and sports. Busy days coming soon. Here are a few pictures of playing catch up. Jaelynn picked out her outfit for her Valentine party.
Take my picture mommy! Poor girl look at her feet nothing but Monster trucks. She doesn't have a chance. She is excited for her new girly room she is getting at the new house.
Are we done yet.
Cutie pie. Too bad she didn't smile, she is toothless. 2 on top 2 on bottom.
My mom's sister's came down for Julie's birthday. We had a good visit. Anna and Rowan got to come over and hang out.
Anna and Rowan clinged on to Aunt Julie.
Aunt Mary Ann, Aunt Julie with Anna and Rowan
Playing in the snow at the farm.
You guys have to be cold. Crazy kids laying in the snow.
Justin, Sadler and Sawyer playing in the front yard.
Sadler and Sawyer eating snow. I can not keep it out of their mouth.
Morgan Shad. His little hands were freezing. He got up and had a blast.
Mason Reid shoving snow down Jaelynn's face.
Justin turned 9 on Jan. 17th. He had a party with family and friends at Gattitown. What a wonderful young man. His cousins came down from IL and had a sleepover. Happy Birthday baby boy!
So the story behind why we went to Indy for Monster Jam goes. We watch monster jam @6am and 4pm almost everyday on TV. My kids love it. Sawyer especially. He has like 50 monster jam trucks. He can name the drivers and all the trucks names. He wanted to go watch them live, so me and a friend took our kids to Monster Jam in Evansville. Very disappointing. Not a good show at all. Granted my kids watch it on TV so to see the show in Evansville they were sad. So I get online and seethat they are coming to Indy. Scott was coming in that weekend anyway so we arranged to have Morgan and Mason taken care of and off we went. It was a blast and a much better show.
Maximum Destruction
Tom Meents is awesome. He ended up winning it all. He can do a 360 back flip in this truck.


Laura said...

Jen, Thanks for the family update. Could your sweet girl be any more GORGEOUS? Seriously pretty that one! The boys look like they keep you busy! I always said that I wanted a house full of boys, and you have it. ENJOY! Miss you sweet friend! ~Laura

The Clark Family said...

I don't think I have your mailing address? Can I get it from you?