Wednesday, November 18, 2009



What an amazing kid this little man is. His eyes truly brighten my day. He dazzles when he smiles and has the truest heart. Sawyer is content most of the time and can entertain himself, unlike some of his siblings he enjoys alone time. Dont underestimate him though he still has the Wall-Mason temper. It comes when you least expect it with this little guy. We love you Sawyer and are enjoying watching your little life everyday. Happy 4th Birthday November 4, 2005.When asked what he wanted to do for his birthday he said he wanted to go to the zoo. So off to the Evansville zoo. It was a perfect Saturday in November with temps up to 70. Scott had to work so Memaw and Pappy Mason went along with us. It was a great day and Sawyer had a wonderful time.
Sawyer wanted cupcakes for his birthday, blew out his candle and asked for ice cream. He is not to thrilled about cake and cupcakes. Ice cream it was.
For 2 months Sawyer came into our room after being tucked in for the night and told us he wanted the side to side dump truck for his birthday. He seen Rocky the singing and dancing dump truck on a commercial back in September and every since has been asking every night for it. Here you go buddy have fun.
Happy birthday Sawyer. Jaelynn, Sawyer and Sadler.

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